Our Story

Dice Maestro is a family business. In the picture: Carla Brown, business manager; Antony Brown, games inventor; David Brown, co-founder.

It all started during Christmas 2006. As we collected the reams of discarded product packaging from our children's presents we looked at the country of origin. Out of sixteen presents one - only one - was made in the UK. Everything else was made overseas. In fact, 9 out of every 10 toys and games are now manufactured overseas.

We suspected these toys were made under awful conditions (read The Real Toy Story by Eric Clark). But what could we do? Everything seems to come from China and we had to give our kids something; a sentiment that is probably common to many households in Britain today.

As workers in the West we often complain about our own pay, pensions and working conditions, but as consumers we demand cheap goods that require other workers to toil in conditions that we simply would never tolerate. Most of us are aware of this but choose to ignore it, especially at Christmas. We call this the 'China Syndrome'.

But after the festivities we did do something. We set up our own business to manufacture games in the UK using distinctive ethics, including minimizing plastic components where possible.

It's not easy - without sourcing overseas costs are much higher. For more on our story see the article by ToyTalk.