Variation Details

Name: Carnivores Unleashed

Additional Equipment: None

Number Of Players: Two

Suitable for young children: Yes

Duration: 15 minutes


New Carnivores Unleashed

Online rules for a special two player version

Book of rule variations (PDF)

Includes Dinosaurs Wild & Jurassic Wars Whist

Probability Tables (PDF)

For experienced gamers interested in the odds


Jurassic Park meets Jurassic Wars

A look at the dinosaurs that feature in both the Jurassic Park movies and Jurassic Wars

Carnivores Unleashed - A Two Player Game

This is an example of the great variety of different games that can be played with Jurassic Wars - more game versions can be found in the Rule Variations document (PDF).

Carnivores Unleashed is a popular two-player version of Jurassic Wars and lasts about 15 minutes. It is easy to learn, even for small children, and the simultaneous rolling adds to the tension.

Take the dinocards and divide into two decks, carnivores and herbivores. Shuffle each deck well and place face down. Decide which player is going to play the carnivores; the other takes the herbivores. Carnivores do have a slight edge in this game so parents please elect to be the herbivores! The carnivorous player takes the set of red combat dice, the other green.

Both top cards are turned over. Battle commences as usual (see rules in Game Book), except that both players roll the dice simultaneously and there are unlimited rolls for each combat. The victorious dinocard is placed to one side, the loser discarded. This is repeated until the two decks are exhuasted. The winner is the player who won the most battles. If it is a tie (i.e. 5 wins each) then there is a play-off: the game is repeated but using the decks of 5 victorious dinosaurs; a winner must emerge.

The great feature of this version is that the dice are rolled simultaneously, which adds dramatic tension. A good twist for adults is to play this version and wager (counters will do) on how many dinosaurs each side will win or even on the outcome of each combat as the dinocards are turned up. With this variation, it is important that players play twice and swap decks as the carnivores have the house edge! Finally, the timeline cards and combat cards can be used, if desired.

In the game below, the carnivores are ahead 5 to 4 with one battle remaining. The carnotaurus must overpower the shunosaurus to clinch victory, otherwise the game will be tied and enter the play-off.