Jurassic Wars Box

Players: 2 - 5

Ages: 7 - adult

Children as young as 4 can play the basic game with the timeline and combat cards removed.

Duration: 30 mins

Price: £12.00. Contact Us

Views and Reviews

"This game has whizzed through our review process, with very favourable comments from parents."

Everything Dinosaur

"This family entertainment game is both fun and educational. Beautifully designed and professionally packaged."

Prehistoric Times

"There is nothing quite like rolling a T-rex against a Stegosaurus. Unlike Top Trumps this game will end. All round good fun game, one for kids and adults alike."

R. Faires, America. Amazon customer


New Carnivores Unleashed

Online rules for a special two player version

Book of rule variations (PDF)

Includes Dinosaurs Wild & Jurassic Wars Whist

Probability Tables (PDF)

For experienced gamers interested in the odds


The Making of Jurassic Wars

How computers helped develop the game

Jurassic Park meets Jurassic Wars

A look at the dinosaurs that feature in both the Jurassic Park movies and Jurassic Wars