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Retroactive Vintage Games is our website dedicated to vintage and out of print games. Our Retroactive Store sells a wide range of these games. Click on an thumbnail below, which shows a tiny selection of our stock.

Our Retroactive Library has a selection of reviews and articles about vintage games. We also provide interactive tools such as the Monopoly Reckoner. If you like great games be sure to visit...

What's New

The Retroactive section of the website has moved to a dedicated domain Retroactive Vintage Games. Please visit for the latest retro reviews, features and stock in our online store.

We only have limited stocks of Wildlife Rescue and Jurassic Wars left. They are no longer available at Amazon (due to increasing seller fees) and can only be purchased direct from us. Jurassic Wars is £12 including free delivery in the UK. Wildlife Rescue is £10 including free delivery in the UK. Please e-mail us if you would like to buy.

Great Games You Can Play Anywhere

Dice Maestro publishes award-winning games, the components of which are specialty dice and cards. Our games capture the thrill of rolling dice that has captivated the human race for millennia. Each game is packaged in a quality box which is used as a dice arena during play. And as the box is the size of a typical hardback novel, our games are highly portable.

Currently there are two games in our range:

Jurassic Wars - the award-winning dinosaur combat game

Wildlife Rescue - the endangered animals game

"A Complete Triumph"

ToyTalk magazine honoured Jurassic Wars with its prestigious Game Of The Year award in 2009. Editor David Smith said: "Dice Maestro's new game is a complete triumph, mixing brilliant dinosaur imagery with a fast-paced and compelling card-and-dice game." More...

Family Business Values

Dice Maestro is a small family business. We are proud to support British industry by making our games entirely in the UK using recyclable materials. We also donate a percentage of our profits to charity to give something back to the community on which our sales depend. More...