Red Queen Solitaire

This original solitaire game is played with a special deck of 24 playing cards: two cards each of the ace to jack of clubs plus two queen of hearts. You must match pairs of cards before you turn over both of the Queen of Hearts - and lose your head! A perfect game for the coffee break, it tests your memory and your patience!

Detonator Game

Detonator is our explosive word game with pinball-like scores! The noose has gone. In this version of Hangman you must now use your word skills to diffuse a time bomb! And with an 80,000-word vocabulary, Detonator will challenge the verbal dexterity of even Stephen Fry. Warning: the game is compulsive.

Transformation Game

Another online game for thinkers. Based on the 1975 game Brain Trainer, this solitaire game of logic will soon have you hooked on trying to obtain the world record. This online game is part of our Retroactive section dedicated to vintage and sought-after games.

Nibblers Game

To celebrate the 30th anniversary of Computer and Video Games magazine, we have taken a game that was originally written for the Commodore Pet and published in its first-ever edition in November 1981 and revamped it for the Web. And you can win prizes in our unique retro competition - can you crack the ten visual clues? Total entertainment.

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