Red Queen is the compulsive solitaire game which takes its name from the memorable character in the classic book Alice In Wonderland. The game is played with a special deck of 24 playing cards: two cards each of the ace to jack of clubs plus two queen of hearts. You must match pairs of cards before you turn over both of the Queen of Hearts - and lose your head! A perfect game for the coffee break, it tests your memory and your patience!

The odds of completing the game are about 12 to 1 against - and this will generate a score of at least 225,000 points. However, can you get anywhere near the perfect score of 1 million? We are confident you will not. To obtain the perfect score is entirely luck - you must successively pick 11 pairs of cards with no mismatches leaving just two unturned cards - the two red queens. The odds of achieving this feat are truly mind-boggling: approximately four trillion to 1 against. But just how high can you score? Get matching them cards and avoid the red 'uns! Good luck!